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Our Story

In the heart of our journey lies the unique name, Beitpadel, which hails from the Arabic language and translates to «House of Padel.» It symbolizes our vision: a place where Padel enthusiasts find not just training and tournaments but a home to nurture their passion. Our story began with three partners, two brothers united by their love for Padel and exploration, and a third partner whose shared enthusiasm was discovered in the sands of Saudi Arabia. In January 2023, we embarked on a dream to blend Padel and travel, crafting an unparalleled experience.

Since then, we’ve left no stone unturned, undertaking countless pilot tests and visiting every facility to ensure our clients receive nothing but the best. Our dedication has forged a synergy of elite training, thrilling tournaments, and vibrant cultural immersion.

What sets Beitpadel apart is our commitment to excellence. Our clients have the unique opportunity to play and train at the very clubs graced by World Padel Tour stars, a true privilege that sets us apart.

We’ve also prepared a treasure trove of surprises that will make your journey with us even more unforgettable. We can’t wait to unveil them to you.

Beitpadel is more than a business venture; it’s a realization of our deepest aspirations. We’ve fostered not only excellence in Padel but also a community of kindred spirits, a testament to our passion for the sport and our respect for its Spanish heritage.

Today, we stand proud, welcoming Padel enthusiasts from around the world into our House of Padel. Our journey continues, bound by the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of Padel excellence. Join us in our quest, and let’s craft your unforgettable Beitpadel story together.

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